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For Cats

Natural Dry Wash Powder

Natural Dry Wash Powder

Dry wash x Soothing itchiness x Stress relieve
Designed for household cats and those "shower wash paranoid"
“lick-safe”, made with food grade ingredients.

Selection Guide

If you intended to use on SHOPKEEPER cats / prefer unscented product / also need to use on dogs, please consider mineral dry wash powder (link below)

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  • │ About this product │

    Contains montmorillonite to cleanse greasy touch.

    With organic oat straw to soothe irritation or itchy.

    Blended with organic valerian & skullcap,natural herbal stress reliever to soothe “bathing stress”/touch sensitivity.
    No synthetic fragrance.
    Contains more than 99% natural ingredients
    With certified organic ingredients, 69% at least.
    No talcum, without nano processed.

    For shopkeeper cats or those outdoor active, recommend to consider Mineral Dry Wash Powder

    VIEW Mineral Dry Wash Powder 
  • I Usage Directions I

    Keep fur coat in dry conditions when using this product.

    Avoid eye, nose, ear and wound areas.

    Close to fur coat, one sprinkle at a time.
    Wait for 10-15 minutes, brush fur coat to finish.

    Suitable for partial fur coat wash. Use as needed.

  • I Main ingredients & Content I

    montmorillonite, oatstraw^, burdock^, arrowroot^, valerian^, skullcap^
    ^ certified organic
    Freshmade in Hong Kong every month
    Formulate by Pawfume Lab
    Period After Opening|12 months

    CHECK Current Batch Best Before Date 
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