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For Cats

Organic Catnip

Organic Catnip

Natural stress reliever.
Ideal for after bath/nail trimming stress relieve.
Leave-cut Australian Certified Organic grade.
All natural without drug-resistance risk.
With certified organic ingredients, 99% at least.

Selection Guide

If your cat is not responding to catnip / is an elderly cat, please consider cat calming mist (link below)

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  • │Usage Directions│

    Not suitable for kittens under 6 months.
    0.5 cap each time.
    Sprinkle over toys or blanket.
    Suggest to rub over paw palm before sprinkle.
    Palm warmth could aid better aroma release.

  • │ Ingredients & Content │

    Ingredients|Australian Certified Organic catnip
    Content|40ml x 2 test tubes
    Period After Opening |12 months

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