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For Dogs

Natural Paw Balm for Dogs

All rounded everyday pawcare
Nourishing, soothing & antiseptic all purpose paw balm.

Selection Guide

If you intended to use on cats / prefer unscented product, please consider Unscented Natural Paw Balm (link below)

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  • │About this product│

    Nourishing sweet almond oil, olive oil & jojoba oil.
    Soothing calendula oil & chamomile pure essential oils.
    Antiseptic niaouli & lavender pure essential oils.
    Ideal for soothing dry paw pad after dog walk.

    Contains more than 99% natural ingredients.
    Made with certified organic ingredients, 68% at least
    Made with distillery direct organic pure essential oils.

    For Cats and small sized dogs, recommend to consider unscented version.

    VIEW Unscented version 
  • │Usage Directions│

    Apply a thin layer before dog walk or everyday paw care before bedtime.
    Daily application once a day for very dry or cracked paws.

    For routine paw care, apply once every 2/3 days.

    This balm is only to be used on paw.

  • │Key ingredients & Content│

    Sweet almond oil #, sunflower oil#, shea butter#, olive oil#, beeswax,
    coconut oil, jojoba oil#, naiouli oil#, lavender oil^, german chamomile
    ^ distillery direct  # certified organic

    Freshmade in Hong Kong every month
    Formulate by Pawfume Lab
    Period After Opening|12 months

    CHECK Current Batch Best Before Date 
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