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For Cats

Hair Ball Herbal Care I DRY Diet Cat

Natural Hair Ball Repel
Digestive Fiber x Gut lubrication x Digestive Enzyme

Duo-herbal approach for cats to repel hair ball naturally.
Contains organic chickweed & psyllium husk.
Clean up hair ball along digestive tract while.

Lubricate and moisten up digestive system for a smoother hair ball repel action.
Added with pineapple & papaya digestive enzyme.
Serve with meal or few sprinkles when making homemade pet treats.

Contains more than 99% natural ingredients.
With Australian Certified Organic ingredients, 96% at least.
NO petroleum derived / mineral oils / artificial food flavor.

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  • I Usage Directions I

    Use scoop provided.Serve with food with 1 scoop of herbal powder mix.
    3-4 times a week.
    Alternatively, a few sprinkle over homemade pet treats before dehydration.

  • I Precautions I

    Not suitable for pets with ulcerative concerns
    Stop using if diarrhea persists.
    This product is not intended for curing digestive blockage.
    Do not use along with medication.

  • I Main ingredients & Content I

    Chickweed^ (Stellaria media), Psyllium Husk^ (Plantago Psyllium),
    Papain (Carica Papaya), Bromelain (Ananas comosus), Brewer Yeast
    ^ Australian Certified Organic

    Freshmade in Hong Kong every month
    Formulate by Pawfume Lab
    Period After Opening I 12 months

    CHECK Current Batch Best Before Date 
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