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For Dogs, Cats & Furmily Household

Flea & Tick Control Powder

Natural pest control.
With food grade Australian diatomaceous earth.
Naturally desiccates insect and dry out pests from inside out with its high absorption capacity.

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  • |About this product|

    No chemical residual or insecticide resistance concerns.
    Multiple use, sprinkle around household areas, pet’s bedding to support all-rounded pest control.
    No aggressive natural ingredients, “lick-safe” for cats.

    Contains more than 99% natural ingredients.
    With & certified organic ingredients, 99% at least.
    No talcum nor nano processed powder.

    Avoid dust and direct inhaling. Put on hand gloves and wear mask if necessary.
    Avoid contact with eye. Wash your hand with water after using the product.

  • |Usage Directions|

    Place the lid close to fur coat, 1-2 sprinkles at a time.

    Suggest to use a towel covering your pet's body when sprinkling,  a quick towel rub over the body afterwards.
    Avoid accidental inhaling and contact with eyes.

    Use no more than twice a week, re-apply at 2-3 days interval.
    Natural diatomaceous earth could take 48 hours to be effective, daily
    application will not enhance effectiveness.

    Seek medical help if flea and tick infestation becoming worsen or continue to persist after 2 weeks.

    For applying on household area/pet bedding:
    A few sprinkles over pet bedding. Wait for 2 days, vaccum clean the bedding items before washing.

  • │ Key Ingredients & Content │

    diatomaceous earth#、neem #、mullein#、yarrow#
    # certified organic

    Freshmade in Hong Kong every month
    Formulate by Pawfume Lab
    Period After Opening|12 months

    CHECK Curret Batch Best Before Date 
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