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For Dogs & Cats

Organic Mosquito Repellent Oil

Organic Mosquito Repellent Oil

Repel mosquito, flea & tick.
Use pet friendly bug repellent natural ingredients.

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  • │About the product│

    Contains cold pressed andiroba & catnip.
    Blend with highly penetrating argan oil.
    Preserve repellency in original oils.
    No citronella, no pyrethrum.
    No side effects on pets from inhaling / accidental licking.

    Contains more than 99% natural ingredients.
    With certified organic ingredients, 96% at least.

  • │Usage Directions│

    2-3 drops rub over hand palm, gently pad over the body & limbs.

    For partial application, pad over under-arm, ear back, neck area.

    Gently rub over external ear to repel mosquito or insect from entering into ear canal.

  • │ Main ingredients & Content │

    andiroba oil#, non-GMO soya bean oil#、argan oil#、catnip oil#
    # certified organic
    Freshmade in Hong Kong every month
    Formulate by Pawfume Lab
    Period After Opening I 12 months

    CHECK Current Batch Best Before Date 
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