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For Furmily Household Use

Enzyme Cleansing Foamwash

Enzyme Cleansing Foamwash

Plant based enzyme eco-foamwash for petware.
Ideal for organic dirts (urine/saliva/food stain).
Versatile for pet bowl, delicate petwear, toys etc.
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  • I About this product I

    Plant-based cleansing base with compound natural enzyme to tackle different types of organic stains.

    Foam-based biodegradable wash with vegan glycerin, ideal for handwashing.

    Usage amount so much less compare to conventional detergent wash.

  • I Usage Directions I

    Use 1-2 pumps, add extra if needed.
    Warm/cold water rinse.

    I Attention I
    This product contains natural enzyme which may be unsuitable to use as pet wash.

  • I Main Ingredients & Content I

    Aqua, Olive & coconut derived soap base*, Sodium bicarbonate#, Sodium
    carbonate#, Glycerin*, Protease, Lipase, Saccharomyces ferment^

    * EcoCert Certified Organic ingredients
    # EcoCert Eco-detergent ingredients
    ^ USDA certified organic ingredients

    Content I 200ml with refill available
    Made in HK by Pawfume Lab
    Period After Opening I 12 months

    CHECK Current Batch Best Before Date 
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