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For Dogs & Cats.

Prebiotic No-rinse Paw Wash

Dry Paw Wash
Paw Massage
Cleansing while replenish skin prebiotic

Ideal for feline acne cleansing

Selection Guide

If your dog usually go out for dog walk 2-3 times a day, please consider no-rinse dog paw wash (link below)

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  • │About this product│

    Promote a balanced microbiome around paw area, for a better defense against bacteria & irritation. Unscented formulation.

    One push & apply soft silicon brush over paw pad.
    Washing while massaging.
    Wipe off with tissue paper or dry towel.

    Contains more than 99% natural ingredients
    Vegan, non-enzymatic, non-GMO
    Biodegradable wash
    pH balanced for pets

  • │Usage Directions│

    For Dogs & Cats older than 12 weeks old.
    One push and apply soft silicon brush head over paw pad.
    Wipe off foam using tissue paper or dry towel.
    Remove silicon brush head and rinse with water.
    Suitable for everyday use.

    This product is not intended for curing skin related disease.

  • │Main ingredients & Content│

    aqua, olive oil/coconut oil/ babassu oil sponalified soap#, hydrolysed
    botanical derived prebiotics, hydrolysed Quinoa, hydrolysed Oats,
    hydrolysed flaxseed, colloidal silver
    # certified organic
    Content|120ml / refills available
    Freshmade in Hong Kong every month
    Formulate by Pawfume Lab
    Period After Opening I 6 months

    CHECK Current Batch Best Usage Period 
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