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For Cats

Hair Ball Herbal Care I WET Diet Cat

Natural Hair Ball Repel
Fresh-made x Digestive Fiber x Gut lubrication

Duo-herbal approach to repel cat hairball naturally.
Contains organic slippery elm and marshmallow,
added with organic chickweed to lubricate digestive system for a smoother hair ball repel action.

Added with organic psyllium husk, water-soluble plant based fiber to clean up hair ball along digestive tract.

With Australian Certified Organic ingredients, 99% at least.
NO petroleum derived / mineral oils / artificial food flavor.

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  • I Usage Directions I

    Use scoop provided. 1 scoop of herbal powder mix with 1 tablespoon of water.
    (you can supplement with chicken broth or meat broth for homemade diet users)

    Stir well until becoming a thick jelly like paste. Mix with food to feed your cat.

    Do not use more than twice a week.

    Make a fresh batch every time. Do not keep unused hair ball paste for next day.

  • I Precautions I

    Not suitable for pets with low blood sugar concerns.

    Stop using if diarrhea persists.

    This product is not intended for curing digestive blockage.

    Do not use along with medication or Coumadin.

  • I Main ingredients & Content I

    Chickweed^ (Stellaria media), Marshmallow Root^ (Althea
    Officinalis), Psyllium Husk^ (Plantago Psyllium), Slippery Elm^ (Ulmus
    Rubra), Brewer Yeast (Bitoin)
    ^ Australian Certified Organic

    Freshmade in Hong Kong every month
    Formulate by Pawfume Lab
    Period After Opening I 12 months

    CHECK Current Batch Best Before Date 
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