Oriental Herbal Petcare。BY INVITATION ONLY

毛 茗 元 本

Natural herbs are not necessarily safe or mild. Each fur baby have their own distinctive character. This is also true for all botanical.

A certified organic tag or a high quality claimed cannot nurture a botanical true natural character. A "mild" natural is achieved with a conscious mindset.

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  • Oriental herbs for Asia pets

    Using selective pet appropriate oriental herbs.
    Priority to use Southeast Asia sub-tropical region native plants or
    Hong Kong organic farm botanical.

  • Beyond the "natural is safe" tag

    Formulate with Traditional Chinese Herbology principles in mind. Considerations over distinctive herbal "nature 四氣" and "taste 五味". Embrace variation in individual herbs "natural character". Never simply assume "natural is safe for pets".

  • Holistic natural petcare

    Through conventional Chinese
    herbal processing & compound herbal blending, this collection seek a "neutral/balanced" compound herbal blend suitable for routine pet care.

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