Crafted Petcare with Appropriate Natural Ingredients


Taking a bespoke approach for precise dosage & ingredients selection, we called that #PetAppropriate

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we are highly selective on ingredients used beyond the simply "natural premium" claim

we trust organic certification, though, we also follow a natural logic on "originality".

High quality natural ingredients always rooted fromour land guardian's passion towards a sustainable environment.

  • Distillery Direct Seasonal Freshness

    We give preference to source from family-run boutique distillery directly, bring back single origin seasonal harvest.

  • Local Source Local Freshness

    We source beeswax from local beehives. Hong Kong pets deserves "Made in Hong Kong" pet products using local grown ingredients.

  • Made with Certified Organic Ingredients

    When we cannot source the required quality from small farms, we then source from certified organic ingredients licensed partners. This allow us to fully grasps ingredient's extraction quality.

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