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About Us

Do not assume a pet parent's view is always right.
Respect your pet's own perspective.

Natural ingredients are good but only those pet appropriate are right for furries.

Our Approach

  • No pet controversial natural ingredients

    Natural or safe on a human is not necessarily safe for pets. We avoid pet controversial ingredients; even they are naturally derived or certified organic. No tea tree ingredient is used in any of our products.

  • Bespoke approach the right precision

    Petcare needs vary at different lifestage. We take a bespoke approach, consider species specific or lifestage needs, fine tune to the ideal precision.

  • Pet appropriate for for furry family

    To us, pet friendly is not only getting right on our pets, is getting right on ourselves too. Our whole series including pet parents care are all pet friendly formula.

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Our Brands。Advanced Care Series

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